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Spica made an American debut
And who? Excited!

kangyeol stopped giving a fuck for a sec

I love this Chanyeol, kang joon trying to escape because of uncooked rice… Hahaha
This was to cute :3

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We are still One!

Remember our baby tree with 12 branches? It has grown big and strong now but the part I hate the most was when one branch broke off. As the other grew. One branch manage to grow a small leaf with it. I’m jealous that it has someone beside it… So my love is this what you call the tree of Gods? If so the lucky 11 standing will remain. The letters of the heart that you sent. Was saying that the deeper the knife is the better but honey doesn’t it hurt? Remember the time when I said that the touch of a hand is not love. You sung a song saying if this is not love than what is love. It seem as if the love we have,has come to an end. Overdose is what I call our love so I hope you’ll always be my Angel. ~ Piggyboobunny

Hahaha… So cute Maybe that should be my new best thing to do. ㅋㅋㅋ

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his beautiful voice ♥

Ahn Jae Hyun - OST Your all surrounded (That was You)
I just wanted to share it because his beautiful voice :3

Awe… so cute :3 

Modelxing  。^‿^。

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